Simple Recycling: Launch Coordinator / Project Manager

Simple Recycling: Launch Coordinator / Project Manager

Solon, OH

Mental Agility, energy and flexibility required.

Join a 3 generation young family of businesses that is building momentum for growth, expansion and long term success. Be an entrepreneur with the support and experience of a 55+ year old company operating across the retail, professional solicitation, textile recycling and logistics.

Partner with senior leadership to develop and execute strategies to deliver on company goals.

Be a KEY to the success of an ambitious growth plan of a trail blazing company.

Project Management / Launch Coordinator
o Understand the company’s goal and purpose so that will continual to enhance the company’s performance.
o Build and manage team implementation schedule including customer communication, timeline establishment and maintenance
o Identify opportunities for campaigns, services, and distribution channels that will lead to improved results.
o Management of social media content (Facebook, Mail Chimp, Yelp, etc.)
o Draft press releases and promotional materials
o Ensure that data is accurately entered and managed within the company’s CRM (
o Coordinate and maintain team execution benchmarks and deadlines.
Launch Coordinator / Project Manager positions prefer a bachelor’s degree or previous related experience.
Other Skills and Qualifications
– Strong organizational and planning skills a must
– Able to work in Dynamic across multiple operating companies
– Working with diverse team across multiple regional locations
– Inter-company and external customer service skills
– Research, Writing, customer support and Microsoft Office (Excel is important)
– Salary: $29,000 – $37,000+ based upon experience

Please forward resume and cover letter to: