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Framingham Recycles: Pink Bags, Clothing, & Textiles

Posted on: June 20th, 2019 by Adam Winfield

Framingham Recycles: Pink Bags, Clothing, & Textiles
June 19, 2019 Framingham Source Editor Susan Petroni 280 Views 0 Comments Framingham Recycles, Framingham Recycling Coordinator Stephen Sarnosky

FRAMINGHAM: When it comes to getting rid of old and unwanted clothing most people realize that these items probably have an afterlife but aren’t really sure how to dispose of them?

As a result, items such as coats, blankets, shoes and socks, and textile items such as luggage, bedsheets and bath towels tend to end up in a refuse container to be hauled away and buried in a landfill somewhere.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, up to 6% of all material going into landfills or burn facilities are considered to be clothing and textiles.

In this regard, the City of Framingham may have disposed of 788 tons of textiles in 2017.

In this same period, the City recovered 51 tons of textiles using its clothing and textile recovery program.

The Department of Public Works, Framingham has had a long-standing clothing and textile recovery program in place and this program has paid dividends over the years. Dividends in the way of reduced refuse and recycling tonnage…… Click here to ready more

O’Malley Proposes Curbside Textile Recycling

Posted on: June 7th, 2019 by Catherine

Jamaica Plain’s City Councilor Matt O’Malley has called for a hearing to determine the feasibility of a textile recycling program in Boston.

“Curbside textile recycling is another opportunity of sound environmental policy that can generate revenue for the city of Boston. The city of Boston can reduce our waste stream, greenhouse gas emissions and receive payment for the value of the material,” said O’Malley to Jamaica Plain News.

Ever the environmental politician of Boston, O’Malley points out that 40 Massachusetts municipalities, including Brookline, Somerville and Natick have implemented curbside textile recycling. Those programs have diverted more than 2.2 million pounds from their waste stream.

Globally, in 2015 the Copenhagen Fashion Summit reported that 92 million tons of solid waste from fashion is dumped into landfills every year, according to a

O’Malley’s plan is to have clothing and housewares collected at the curbside at no cost to the city or residents. There are companies that pay municipalities for recycled textiles, and then reuse them.

O’Malley introduced the order for a hearing at Wednesday’s Boston City Council meeting. The matter was referred to the Environment, Sustainability and Parks Committee, which O’Malley chairs.

O’Malley Proposes Curbside Textile Recycling

Curbside clothing recycling program saves Coventry hundreds in first month

Posted on: June 5th, 2019 by Catherine

Curbside clothing recycling program saves Coventry hundreds in first month

COVENTRY, R.I. (WPRI) — In the first month of its partnership with a for-profit textile recycling company, Coventry saved hundreds of dollars in trash disposal costs, Call 12 for Action has learned.

Melissa Soares from Coventry’s Department of Public Works said in April, Coventry residents recycled almost five tons of clothing and other textiles through Simple Recycling, which picks up items at the curb.

“There are pink bags out every single day,” Soares said. “If you drive through Coventry streets you can actually see them lining the streets.”

Simple Recycling will accept any unwanted clothes, shoes, purses, towels, sheets and even some small kitchen appliances.

“We were paying to dispose of the clothing in our solid waste stream $47 a ton,” Soares added. “If every person in Coventry threw out a pair of sneakers, that’s a lot of money because that’s a lot of weight.”

In April, Coventry saved $224.66 in disposal fees from the 4.78 tons of clothing diverted from the landfill, according to data provided by the town. Simple Recycling paid the town an extra $95.57 for items that were collected.

According to Simple Recycling, the average person throws away 68 pounds of clothing per year. Only about 15% of textiles are recycled, according to the EPA.

The company collects its pink recycling bags on residents’ regular collection days.

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