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Friendswood’s Fall Haul puts out call for residents’ junk

Posted on: October 23rd, 2019 by Catherine


In Friendswood, cleanup is a community effort.

Several agencies will be on hand to support the city and its residents at the annual Fall Haul, scheduled from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 9 at Centennial Park, 2200 S. Friendswood Drive.

Residents are encouraged to drop off their yard waste, old appliances, electronics, trash, unneeded furniture, bricks, plastic and even metal. Items like paint, batteries, oil, tires and other hazardous materials won’t be accepted.

Kim Ramirez, who works in the Parks and Recreation Department, said the event, which has been happening for more than 20 years and is a companion event to the Spring Sparkle, attracts a crowd.

“On average we get 700 to 1,000 cars that drive by,” she said. “People really take advantage of the event to clean out their garages and their yards and get their homes in shape.”

To run the event, Ramirez said the city partners with organizations including Keep Friendswood Beautiful, Waste Connections and Simple Recycling, a company that collects and recycles clothing

“We take clothes now,” she said. “We did this for the first time at the Spring Sparkle event, and it was a bit hit.”

Even getting rid of your old refrigerator is simple. The city is bringing in Star Services, a company that will dispose of your fridge but won’t require owners to empty the appliance of freon.

“At this event, you don’t have to worry about that, they’ll be doing it for you,” Ramirez said.

Garage sale items may also be donated at the Fall Hall. Keep Friendswood Beautiful will collect the items, offer them for sale and use the proceeds for its beautification work at Stevenson Park. She said the group routinely earns from $600 to $1,000 from its efforts.

Finally, the Galveston County Wildlife Rehabilitation group will be on hand to accept donations like aquariums, kennels, clean rags and bowls for its animals.

For more information about the Faul Hall, visit or call the city at 281-996-3200.


Franklin introduces curbside clothing recycling on Nov. 11

Posted on: October 21st, 2019 by Catherine

According to DEP statistics, 8.1% of trash is reusable, recyclable material, with 95% that can be reused. But only 15% of people recycle these materials through drop boxes or other methods.

FRANKLIN – In an effort to go more green, Franklin is going pink.

Residents with Town Curbside solid waste collection will soon get pink bags that they can put out on trash days. Three Pink bags and an introduction card will be arriving the first week of November. The contents of the bags will be kept out of landfills.

Residents can find out more at

According to DEP statistics, 8.1% of trash is reusable, recyclable material, with 95% that can be reused. But only 15% of people recycle these materials through drop boxes or other methods. Simplerecycling now has one million customers in Massachusetts, including towns like Franklin. Customers get bright pink bags, which can be filled with either used clothes or other items that can be sold at thrift stores. The bags are set out on the same day as recycling. When bags are picked up, an empty ones are left for the homeowner to fill again.

There is no cost to the town or the resident, and the town is paid $20 a ton for the material versus a cost of roughly $63 a ton for incineration.

Simplerecycling trucks can usually complete the routes faster than town recycling trucks and are not connected to Waste Management trash and recycling service. If a resident hasn’t had their bag picked up after 5 p.m., they call Simplerecycling customer service, and the bag can be picked up the next business day, or the following week.

According to Simplerecycling, clean, “pre-loved” clothing and accessories, including those in need of repair, stained, ripped, single sockets., etc., and small household goods that fit into the bags are all recyclables.

That includes:

• All clothing;

• Shoes, belts, scarfs, purses, hats, gloves, backpacks, bibs, coats, boots, sneakers, ties, etc.;

• Household textiles: Curtains/drapes, bedspreads, sheets, pillows, sleeping bags, towels, etc.;

• Kitchenware: Glasses, dishes, silverware, pans, etc.;

• Small electronics: Radios, hair dryers, curling irons, etc.;

• Small decorative items: Knick knacks, pictures, etc.; and

• Miscellaneous: Jewelry, toys, tools, books and other small home goods that can fit in the bag.

Regular curbside recycling continues for metal food and beverage cans, plastic bottles, jars, jugs and tubs, glass bottles and jars and paper and cardboard.

Melrose Curbside textile pickup to begin in November

Posted on: October 14th, 2019 by Catherine


The Melrose Department of Public Works and Zero Waste Melrose recently announced that, starting in November of this year, Melrose homeowners will have the opportunity to recycle textile and other household products through curbside pickup.

The service is being offered by Simple Recycling, a private, for-profit company that is currently operating in multiple cities and towns throughout southern New England. Nearby municipalities using the program include Brookline, Saugus, Medford, Somerville, Burlington and Lexington.

Prior to the program’s launch in November, Simple Recycling will send out information to each Melrose household detailing how the program works, along with the pink bags that homeowners will use to recycle eligible items. Once the program starts, homeowners will be able to place their pink bag, or bags, containing the items out on the curb with their trash and recycling containers on their regularly scheduled trash/recycling pickup day. Simple Recycling will pick up the pink bags and leave empty pink bags for the homeowner’s next pickup.

DPW and ZWM urge those Melrose residents who currently donate clothing items to the schools to keep on doing so. Simple Recycling has found that, in the communities in which it is operating, existing clothing donation programs work smoothly with the curbside service. The curbside service offers a responsible disposal alternative for many homeowners who had been throwing eligible items into the trash, or who had been relying on other options that were less convenient.

While the program focuses primarily on textiles such as men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, many other small household items are eligible for recycling, as long as they can fit into the pink bags. These items include shoes, jewelry, purses, hats, pots and pans, silverware, dishes, drapes and curtains, blankets and small toys. Simple Recycling will provide more detailed information on eligible items, as well as other aspects of the program, in its mailings to Melrose households.

For information about Melrose’s new curbside textile collection program, contact DPW at 781-665-0242 or Zero Waste Melrose at

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