Curbside Clothing Recycling Begins In Milford

Curbside Clothing Recycling Begins In Milford

You’ll start to see colored bags next to recycling bins in the city soon. Here is how the program works.

By Rich Scinto, Patch Staff
MILFORD, CT — Milford’s curbside clothing recycling program has officially started. The city partnered with Simple Recycling, which mailed out informational flyers and collection bags to residents.

Residents can place clothing and shoes into the bags and leave them next to (not inside) the recycling bin on regularly scheduled recycling days.

Simple Recycling picks up the bags and sorts items. High quality items are resold to thrift outlets, mid-grade items go to international markets and unusable items are processed for raw materials. The company also accepted some other house goods.

The city will be paid $40 per ton of textiles collected instead of spending around $100 per ton for items that are tossed in the trash bin, according to the New Haven Register. Mayor Ben Blake said the program is a good alternative to throwing items out, but that residents who already donate items to Goodwill or other non-profits can continue to do so.

Clothing left curbside isn’t eligible for tax deductions because Simple Recycling isn’t a non-profit.

Drivers will leave replacement bags behind after bags are picked up. Residents can also visit, call 866-835-5068 or email [email protected] to get additional bags.

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