Dispatcher / Lead Driver – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Company Profile: Simple Recycling
Clothing, shoes and other textiles are 100% recyclable, but 85% still ends up in landfills. Simple Recycling makes is SIMPLE to recycle these materials through our innovative, free curbside municipal curbside recycling programs.

Job description – Dispatch Supervisor / Lead Driver
The following outline of a job description is to serve as a guide for the expected job performance of the Clothing & Home Goods Collection Dispatch Supervisor.


To locate, hire and train all professional route drivers in accordance with driver training procedures set forth by management.
Work directly with the Program Office Staff in order to:
Organize and dispatch daily routes.
Assist with mistaken collection or driver/donor problems.
Assist in arranging collection of difficult or special pickups.
Monitor daily/weekly solicitation projections in order to determine drivers needed.
Implement and manage a fleet maintenance program that will minimize down time through the use of:
In-house service maintenance schedule prescribed by management.
Daily driver and weekly management vehicle inspections.
Establish relationships with reputable local repair centers in order to provide the most cost efficient vehicle reports.
Bale & Product Trailers – responsible for:
Ensuring safe and timely loading of all trailers.
Arrange shipment with common carrier.
Track the shipment, payment of all bale trailers.
Responsible for the loading and shipment of other soft good items, i.e. shoes, belts, books, stuffed animals, etc.
Establish daily communication with all individual route drivers in order to:
Review daily/weekly collection/driver summary reports and take corrective action as needed.
Determine if all drivers are performing their duties in accordance with collection percentages set forth by management.
Assist with any problems concerning lock downs or any incident reports involving property damage, personal injury and vehicle accidents.
Enforcement of all rules, regulations, health and safety policies.
Answer any questions, provide encouragement and helpful solutions to collection challenges.
Complete all drivers daily reports and summaries established by management.
Enact any disciplinary measures deemed necessary. i.e.:
Driver write up.
Verbal reprimand
Maintain daily contact with City Manager in order to:
Schedule disbursement of route trucks daily.
Movement of storage/production to stores.
Arrange for bale/storage pickup from store to warehouse.
Disbursement of supplies to the store.
Responsible for the condition of the warehouse storage, bales and supplies.
Must be kept neat and orderly at all times.
Direct supervision of all warehouse personnel.
Registration and securing license plates for all collection service vehicles.
Random drug testing of all drivers.
Managing the hours and payroll of all drivers and warehouse personnel within guidelines established by management.
Ensure that all area maps are updated on an annual basis.
GPS scheduled drivers’ routes on a regular basis.
Driver collection routes when necessary.

Effective communication skills.
Time and Mulit-task managment
Administrative skills.
Able to enforce procedures.
Able to work irregular hours.
Able to display leadership and train others.
Results oriented.
Basic computer skills.

Please email resume and cover letter to: [email protected]