Milford going pink, in order to go green

MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– If you just so happen to be driving through Milford on recycling day, you may notice pink bags sitting out with the recycling cans. The city has started a new program that’s aimed at improving the environment.

“It’s shocking, it’s staggering,” said Karen Fortunati, who’s with Milford’s Recycling Task Force. “What we are trying to do is change the way people think.”

Eighty-five percent of all discarded clothing ends up in a landfill. Milford is trying to change that by launching a new program with the help of a company called Simple Recycling.

“This actually makes money for the city of Milford. Not a lot, but every little bit helps,” said Milford Mayor Ben Blake.

Residents are getting pink bags. They’re encouraged to recycle items that ordinarily end up in the trash.

“Every resident who has municipal recycling should get one of these packages with a pink bag inside their mail,” said Mayor Blake.

“You fill the pink plastic bag, you put it alongside your recycling bin on recycling day and you’ll get a replacement bag,” explains Fortunati.

In terms of what you can put in the bag — clothing, shoes, blankets and towels just to name a few of the items. It doesn’t matter what condition they’re in.

You may be asking what happens to everything once it’s picked up. According to Simple Recycling:

  • 45% is reused as second-hand clothing
  • 30% is turned into cleaning rags
  • 20% is used as carpet padding and home insulation
  • 5% ends up as waste

The program is helping to reduce the amount of solid waste the city is paying for. Resident in Milford are reminded to put the pink bags next to your recycling can — and not in it.

“Hopefully it will make us think twice about something we are going to toss and say I can save this, re-purpose it and do something good with it,” said Fortunati.