Recycling Corner: Breaking up isn’t hard to do

Dear Hector,

It’s over! Four years. School’s out. Gone. Done. Kaput. See you later. It’s been fun.

Bye, bye.

Debbie Disposer

With the big Sept. 1 changeover coming up, is there someone leaving your building, apartment or house who needs a reminder about how to dispose of their things? Remember, in Brookline, breaking up isn’t that hard to do — as long as you follow the rules.

Use your black cart (with cover closed) for household trash.

Use your purple Town of Brookline overflow bags for any excess trash. Your landlord should have purple bags. Or purchase them ($15 cash for five bags) at local stores. Do not leave unbagged excess trash at the curb.

Use your blue cart (cover closed) for recyclables. Google “Brookline recycles” for a list of what can go into the blue cart. Make sure you “recyclesmartma” so you don’t contaminate the stream.

Use your pink “Simple Recycling” bags for discarding clothes, linens, and usable household articles. Or take those items to a charity. Your landlord should have extra pink bags.

Use your telephone (617-730-2156) to schedule a pickup of large, bulky items and electronics such as couches, mattresses, furniture, metals, televisions, air conditioners and computers. Call a week in advance.

Use your calendar to be sure you don’t put discards at the curb too early. That means before 3:30 p.m. on the day before collection. Because Labor Day is on Monday, Sept. 2, collection days will be one day later than usual for that week.

Use your head when you have to get rid of hazardous household items such as bug sprays, cleaners, solvents, oil paints and chemicals. Drop them off on Tuesday mornings at the HHP Drop-Off on Newton Street or ask your landlord where to store them so he or she can properly dispose of them for you. Do not put them in your trash — even if you think nobody’s looking or nobody cares about the environment.

As always, thanks!

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