Simple Recycling coming to Twinsburg Township

By KEN LAHMERS / Reporter
Posted May 16, 2018 at 12:01 AM
TWINSBURG TOWNSHIP — Trustees have agreed to partner with Simple Recycling to add textiles and other household goods to the curbside recycling program.

The free service provided by Simple Recycling recycles items such as clothing, bedding, socks, stuffed animals, pillows, shoes and other textiles that are not included in regular residential recycling. The program is intended to cut down on the flow of unwanted items into landfills.

Pickup of items in the township is anticipated to begin May 22. Residents will receive information in the mail explaining the program and providing orange bags to fill with items. The township is not charged for the service.

“The Board of Trustees is excited to join other area communities in partnering with Simple Recycling to offer this service, which will help divert waste from area landfills,” said Township Manager Rob Kagler.

Simple Recycling will work in conjunction with the township’s residential trash and recycling hauler — Kimble Companies — and its vans and trucks will be easily recognizable with the company’s logo.

Residents can place their bags along the curb on their regular trash and recycling pickup day. Once items are picked up, Simple Recycling will supply replacement bags for future use. No enrollment is necessary.

Based in Solon, Simple Recycling is a for-profit recycler which serves 25-plus Northeast Ohio communities, including Twinsburg, Northfield Center Township, Solon and Boston Township. It operates in 10 states and about 125 total communities.

It provides residents with a way to recycle unwanted clothing, shoes and household textiles that can’t be donated to other organizations. A spokesman said its vans and trucks are economical for carrying the types of items collected.

According to the Simple Recycling website, “Every ton of material diverted from the waste stream reduces tipping fees at a landfill, and communities are compensated on a per-pound basis for the material collected.”

“Based on information we received from other communities that provide the service, revenues to the township most likely will be negligible,” said Kagler. “The main benefit from doing it — and the main reasons for undertaking it — are environmental rather than financial.”

According to Simple Recycling, all of the materials are graded and sorted locally or regionally based on quality and condition. Top quality materials are resold to local thrift outlets, mid-grade is exported to international markets and “unusable” items are processed for raw materials.

When Simple Recycling picks up the bags, workers leave empty ones to use the next time. Anyone needing extra bags can call Simple Recycling at 1-866-835-5068.

Accepted items include men’s, women’s and children’s clothing; coats and jackets; jewelry, shoes, purses, hats, toys, blankets, drapes and curtains, pillows, sleeping bags, tools, silverware, pots and pans, backpacks.

According to Simple Recycling’s website, the average person throws away 68 pounds of clothing per year, and clothing and housewares account for about 10 percent of the municipal waste stream.

The website says 85 percent of clothing does not get recycled or donated and winds up in landfills, while only 15 percent gets recycled or donated.

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