Town of Rochester – Simple Recycling January 18, 2019

Our Simple Recycling Program is scheduled to start
January 18, 2019 for those who normally recycle on week A.
Those who recycle on Week B, will start January 26, 2019.


For more information, or to request additional bags, contact
Simple Recycling by visiting their website,, by calling 866-835-5068
or emailing Simple Recycling at [email protected].

How Simple Recycling works:
STEP ONE:    Fill the pink bag with used items (see list of acceptable items below).
STEP TWO:  Set your bags out before 7 AM on your regular recycling collection day by the recycling bin (at least 5 feet away from the recycling bin).
STEP THREE:  A Simple Recycling driver will pick up your bag(s) and leave a replacement bag(s) behind.


       What items are collected?

                * Clothing- men’s women’s and children’s
                * Coats, jackets and shoes
                * Jewelry
                * Purses, belts
                * Hats
                * Toys 
                * Pictures
                * Mirrors
                * Blankets, pillows, sleeping bags
                * Drapes, curtains
                * Tools
                *  Silverware, dishes, pots and pans
                * Glasses
                * Backpacks
                * Small appliances (under 50 lbs)
                * Radios
                * Irons, hair dryers
                * Lamps         


Need more pink bags?  Call Simple Recycling at 866-835-5068

Questions on acceptable items?  Call Simple Recycling at 

To view informational video on Simple Recycling click here


You can view more information by visiting Simple Recycling’s website.   You may also call Simple Recycling with any questions or concerns at 866-835-5068 or you may email Simple Recycling at [email protected].